This calculator is meant to be used in tandem with (1) the WillPower Training Program and (2) knowledge gained through our Nutrition Education Program. Using these tools together will give you the greatest chance for success.

How To Use This Calculator:

The numbers derived from this calculator are a rough calculation of your body’s nutritional needs when taking part in a vigorous exercise regimen. These numbers are meant to be used as a basis for consistency, not any type of restriction.

1. Determine your Ultimate Goal Weight (UGW).

  • UGW means the weight that you would look, feel, and be your healthiest. Some people will know right away what this number is, some people will understand this number after attending the WillPower Nutrition Education, and some will need to consult with a doctor or physician.
  • The Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator addresses the needs of most people. There are people that have conditions and needs outside of what Power Nutrition provides. If you suspect you have special nutritional needs, consult a physician or nutritionist.

2. Determine which model of the calculator(s) to use and input your UGW.

You may have to input your UGW into two or three of the calculators and then consult the WillPower team to find which numbers are correct for you.

3. Take note of your numbers and bring them to the next WillPower Nutrition Education

Calculator 1

This is the model for people with a smaller frame or build.

Female UGW generally between 100-120 pounds

Male UGW generally between 150-160

Calculator 2

This is a common model for men and women of average build.

Female UGW generally between 125-140

Male UGW generally between 160-180

Calculator 3

This is a model for above average build and or height.

Female UGW generally between 160-170

Male UGW generally between 180-205

Calculator 4

Will be almost exclusively for men wanting to pack on muscle.

Male UGW is 205+


Notice: The WillPower Team cannot express enough how important it is to understand Power Nutrition, including the Calorie Macronutrient Calculator in its entirety, before implementing it into your daily life. While there is no danger to anyone’s health in any of the information provided in Power Nutrition, the chance of success is highly diminished without proper knowledge gained through our Nutrition Education Program.