Nutrition is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy and balanced nutrition habits are also difficult to develop and keep. We know because we’ve tried and failed, and tried and succeeded. Will and Abby Mac have developed a nutrition program based on two components:
  1. The Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator that finds your nutritional needs based on your goals.
  2. The Power Nutrition Guidelines that state what foods should make up your macronutrients, and what foods you should avoid.

This is not an extreme diet, nor is it a plan to be followed for only a few days or weeks. This is a healthy way of eating that happens over time. This is not easy. The ones that will be successful at Power Nutrition are the ones who really want to be. We understand that there is not one single way to eat, everyone is different, and there are several good nutrition programs. But we know from both personal experience and helping hundreds of people gain muscle and lose weight that Power Nutrition works.

Calorie/Macronutrient Calculator

Power Nutrition Guldelines