1. If I Had A Million Dollars…

    I am really good at appreciating life. I have a body capable of hard work and a mind strong enough to push the limits of those capabilities. I pay attention and I learn something new everyday. I constantly wonder how to make things better for tomorrow and times to come. I do not get caught up in the…Read More

  2. The Struggle Is Real. And Worth It.

    My business partners and Abby and I are starting WillPower. A high energy, high intensity, strength building studio training program. That’s no secret. But what has been difficult to share is how challenging the process has been. How many times the plans have changed, how many different places we…Read More

  3. Before You Begin, Do You Have What You Need?

    Life is a long series of tasks. Some big, some small. Some life changing; some life sustaining. Whatever the task, whatever the repercussions, and whatever the stakes, the goal is always success. Beyond a good plan of execution (which is secondary), there are three basic parts needed to be successfu…Read More

  4. Sell The Vision

    If you’re a smart, driven person, you have thoughts and ideas about what you want your life to be. What you’d like to be doing, who you’d like to influence, what your purpose is. If you have these thoughts, you have a vision. It’s hard to put into words, because it’s complex, and it’s in…Read More

  5. The Best “ME” You Have Ever Met

    It is human nature to compare one’s self to the next person. The neighbor, the coworker, the sibling, the friend, person with the nice car in traffic, the person working out next to you, the person on TV, or the person on the magazine cover. We have an innate need to “measure up.” And while he…Read More

  6. Three Defining Words

    -“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” Lao Tzu It was always me vs the world / Until I found it's me vs me -Kendrick Lamar We are honored for great tasks. Tasks that take great effort and the will to overcome lousy odds. Life is not an apple orchard with bountiful f…Read More

  7. Passion is Crazy…. And That’s a Good Thing

    Have you ever driven down the street in January and seen a woman jogging in below freezing temps and a wind chill to add to that? Have you ever seen a group of cyclists out in the pouring rain on a God-knows-how-long ride? I was out with my old man fishing buddy the other day and it was chilly, wind…Read More

  8. Why I Workout

    I am an honest man. Which makes me an honest trainer. Working out hurts. It’s hard and there are exercises that suck. For some, burpees are the devil. I can do burpees for days but for me, the worst is squat to press. If I do enough squat to presses with enough weight, I’m ready to pack it up an…Read More

  9. Run…

    I worked out at 6:30 this morning with my workout partner, Duncan. It was a tough workout. We sweated, and got through it. There’s been a lot of business to take care of today as we are trying to begin the WillPower Studio. After running errands for the business and the family, I was looking forwa…Read More

  10. Opening Soon!

    I had an idea February 2017 to reach the whole world through technology and fitness. I planned, I scaled back, I changed it, I met with accountants, business consultants, videographers, DJ's, lawyers, investors, and more investors, I scaled it back again, I changed it again, I was told "no," and I g…Read More