It is human nature to compare one’s self to the next person. The neighbor, the coworker, the sibling, the friend, person with the nice car in traffic, the person working out next to you, the person on TV, or the person on the magazine cover. We have an innate need to “measure up.” And while healthy competition is a good thing, attaching one’s value to any single facet of life is dangerous and self defeating.

Isn’t it ironic that the prettiest girls are often the most insecure? Good looks are powerful and should give confidence and reassurance to the beholder. The problem is that too much self-worth is attached to that physical appearance so when another pretty girl walks in the room, instead of appreciating another good looking person, that presence is perceived as a threat.

The aforementioned situation yields two lessons.

  1. Appreciate other people’s strengths. Rarely are compliments not humbly received. If someone knows you appreciate them, they’re more willing to help you.
  2. The only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Do everything in your power to be better than you were the day before. A feat more easily accomplished than you would think. Do something every day to improve self. Learn something new – Knowledge is priceless.
  • Experience something new – A greater perspective yields new ideas.
  • Try something too challenging – Growth comes from struggle.
  • Talk to a stranger – Expand your world beyond your current borders.
  • Explore – There’s always something you’ve never seen, right around the next corner.
  • Workout – Become stronger.

It should be the goal of everyday to be better than the day before. And the expectation that you will be better tomorrow than you are today. If this holds true, then anyone that meets you today, is meeting the best you there has ever been. Anyone that meets me today is meeting the best me that anyone has ever met.