Have you ever driven down the street in January and seen a woman jogging in below freezing temps and a wind chill to add to that? Have you ever seen a group of cyclists out in the pouring rain on a God-knows-how-long ride? I was out with my old man fishing buddy the other day and it was chilly, windy, and raining sideways! He turns to me and says, “Are we crazy or what?!” I’ve had people walk into bootcamps I was training and told me that what I was doing to people is unsafe!

The point of these examples is that observers of people practicing their passion often interpret it as “crazy.” But without that passion, we would never know the limits of our physical bodies or mental capacity for physical discomfort. And if you don’t know your limits, you will never be able to push them or drive them further. YOU’LL NEVER GET STRONGER. And what is the point of living if not to improve yourself, if not to be the best version of yourself everyday?

There are people that go their whole lives not knowing what their bodies are capable of; Or never challenge their mental strength. There are those that will die having never lived.

Find a passion. Something that you will do or pursue despite obstacles or physical limitations, naysayers, or bad weather. Something that helps you grow. Something that forces you to learn. Something that focuses you. Something that helps you to find common ground with a stranger enjoying the same passion. Something that other people will think you are crazy for doing.

The woman in the cold had one of the best runs of her life. The cyclists in the rain have a story to share with each other for the rest of their lives. I caught 5 fish in the pouring rain. And everyone in bootcamp were stronger walking out of the gym than they were walking in. Passion is CRAZY. And that’s a good thing.