Life is a long series of tasks. Some big, some small. Some life changing; some life sustaining. Whatever the task, whatever the repercussions, and whatever the stakes, the goal is always success. Beyond a good plan of execution (which is secondary), there are three basic parts needed to be successful. Time. Energy. Resources.


This is the most important, and the most valuable. Time is the only ingredient that is impossible to get more of. No one can buy time, this moment will never come again, and tomorrow isn’t promised. You can only maximize time through efficiency. Organize, multitask, delegate. Walk the fine line between living in the moment and setting yourself up for success in the next. What you do with your time defines you; NOW and FOREVER.


Energy is defined as “the ability to do work.” The greater the energy, the more you’ll get done and the more people will gravitate to you. You can get by with low energy if you have the will; but efficiency is often sacrificed and even a strong will must rest. The most important measure of energy is health. Taking care of one’s self is a lifelong endeavor. Physiological health, physical appearance, and mental health all play a part in one’s energy. We are all at the mercy of our DNA, but the harder you work to maximize your DNA, the better your chances of success. Take pride in your appearance. Eat right. Workout. Have sex. Get good sleep.


Resources are defined as “assets that can be drawn on to function effectively.” Tools, money, machines, technology, infrastructure, knowledge, experience, are all resources highly beneficial for any task. But the most important resource is People. No single individual has all the tools necessary to execute big ideas. A team of people have many times more ability than one. Someone will always have something you need. This is why relationships and sharing common belief in a cause is essential to any task. The bigger the task, the more trust, and the more people one needs. The biggest challenge for any business is finding good people. There will always be a place in this world for smart, hard working people.